Michael Brownrigg, Mayor

mayor brownrigg.jpg

Michael is a 21-year Burlingame resident, current city Mayor, youth sports coach, and former Planning Commissioner.

Street: Columbus Ave

Why did you opt up: We want to send a signal to the market that California needs more green energy. In a capitalist system, your money talks. We want our money not to just be green, but to talk green.

Next sustainability commitment: We hope to acquire an affordable electric car.


Emily Beach - Burlingame City Councilmember

emily beach.JPG

Emily is a 10-year Burlingame resident, current Burlingame City Councilmember, and member of the following regional environmental groups:

  • C/CAG Congestion Management & Environmental Quality Committee
  • C/CAG Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • League of California Cities Environmental Quality Policy Committee

Street: Cambridge Road

Why did you opt up: It's the right thing to do!

Next sustainability commitment: Lead by example -- promote ECO100, bike and walk more often than I drive, maintain status as a one-car family, approve solar panel proposal for our roof, and advocate for regional active transportation funding.


Ricardo Ortiz - Burlingame City Councilmember


Ricardo is a 24-year Burlingame resident and current City Councilmember.

Street: Monte Corvino Way

Why did you opt up: We felt this is the least we could do for the environment. For a small amount, we insure that our electricity is 100% from renewable sources.  With our exit from the Paris Accord, it is now more important than ever that we act locally.

Next sustainability commitment: I plan to be a champion for ECO100 in 2018.

Lisa Goldman - Burlingame City Manager

Lisa Goldman.jpg

Lisa is the current Burlingame City Manager and an ‘honorary Burlingame resident’ for her 5 dedicated years in that role. She’s also a member of the Burlingame Aquatic Club and Burlingame Rotary.

Street (work on): Primrose Road

Why did you opt up: Why not? This is such an easy, inexpensive way to do my part to help the environment.

Next sustainability commitment: Get my family to recycle more and turn off the lights!


Emily Matthews - Parks & Recreation Commissioner

emily matthews pic.jpg

Emily is a 16-year Burlingame resident and current member of the Burlingame Parks and Recreation Commission and the Rotary Club of Burlingame.

Street:  Castillo Avenue

Why did you opt up: We considered solar panels when we remodeled our house, but it didn’t work out.  As soon as we learned about ECO100, we signed up so we could do our part to reduce carbon emissions.

Next sustainability commitment: I’m providing marketing to support the OptUpBurlingame project and plan on helping to expand it to other cities in San Mateo County and beyond.