Sigalle Michael

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Sigalle is the current City of Burlingame Sustainability Coordinator and ‘honorary Burlingame resident’ for her 3+ dedicated years in that role. She’s also the community ‘recycling advisor’… see her weekly tips in the city e-newsletter.

Street (work on): City Hall, 501 Primrose Road

Why did you opt up: It’s an easy and inexpensive way to get renewable electricity for my home and help support clean energy for our community.

Next sustainability commitment: Significantly reduce plastic in my home – especially in the food I buy.



Marc Yelnick

marc yelnic.jpg

Marc is a 31-year Burlingame resident and member of the Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame.

Street: Frontera Way

Why did you opt up: I was trying to cut down on coffee. Opting up used up the cost of half a cup of coffee, so now I only drink 59 1/2 cups a month.

Next sustainability commitment: None! Just installed solar panels and bought an all-electric car.


Carol Vollen

Carol Vollen.JPG

Carol is a 30-year Burlingame resident and a founder of the Burlingview/Summit neighborhood network for emergency situations.

Street: Burlingview Dr.

Why did you opt up: Because I am committed to doing whatever I can to save our planet… including driving a Prius, installing solar panels, diligently recycling, working with Elders Climate Action, and recently becoming a trained activist for Climate Reality Project - Al Gore’s organization.

Next sustainability commitment: I have been preparing a Climate Reality Project presentation and am finding places to present. Still, I need to do more!



Michael Brownrigg

mayor brownrigg.jpg

Michael is a 21-year Burlingame resident, current city Mayor, youth sports coach, and former Planning Commissioner.

Street: Columbus Ave

Why did you opt up: We want to send a signal to the market that California needs more green energy. In a capitalist system, your money talks. We want our money not to just be green, but to talk green.

Next sustainability commitment: We hope to acquire an affordable electric car.



Rusty Rueff


Rusty is a 9-year Burlingame resident over two time periods as he recently moved back from Hillsborough. Welcome back! He’s also a member of the Peninsula Golf and Country Club.

Street: Primrose

Why did you opt up: We purchased and remodeled a condo with the goal to be as green as possible. So, the opportunity to source clean energy fit that objective.

Next sustainability commitment:  Exploring how to solar power an electric car in a condo.


Emily Beach

emily beach.JPG

Emily is a 10-year Burlingame resident, current Burlingame City Councilmember, and member of the following regional environmental groups:

  • C/CAG Congestion Management & Environmental Quality Committee
  • C/CAG Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • League of California Cities Environmental Quality Policy Committee.

Street: Cambridge Road

Why did you opt up: It's the right thing to do!

Next sustainability commitment: Lead by example -- promote ECO100, bike and walk more often than I drive, maintain our status as a one-car family, approve the solar panel proposal for our roof, and advocate for regional active transportation funding.



Your name here

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Burlingame residents,

If you've switched to Peninsula Clean Energy's ECO100, please join us and send the below info through the Contact Us page. Then you'll be on this page too!!!

We'll respond and ask for a picture, and would be inspired if you sent one of you and/or your family in front of your residence holding this sign. See ya soon on this site!!

Sincerely... #OptUpBurlingame team

Please send the following:

  •   1. Years lived in Burlingame?
  •   2. Street you live on?
  •   3. Notable Burlingame affiliation (i.e., member of club)?
  •   4. Why did you opt up (<30 words)??
  •   5. What’s your next sustainability commitment (<10 words)?



Louisa La Farge


Louisa is a 12 years Burlingame resident and active member of the Burlingame Aquatic Club.

Street: Occidental Avenue

Why did you opt up: I opted up to reduce my carbon footprint and inspire others to think about how they can help to reduce carbon emissions. 

Next sustainability commitment: My sustainability commitment is ocean conservation, working with University of Rhode Island on issues in Narragansett Bay. And continue inspiring students to be the next stewards of the planet through my teaching in Biology and Chemistry.



Lisa Goldman

Lisa at Burlingame City Hall

Lisa at Burlingame City Hall

Lisa is the current Burlingame City Manager and an ‘honorary Burlingame resident’ for her 5 dedicated years in that role. She’s also a member of the Burlingame Aquatic Club and Burlingame Rotary.

Street (work on): Primrose Road

Why did you opt up: Why not? This is such an easy, inexpensive way to do my part to help the environment.

Next sustainability commitment: Get my family to recycle more and turn off the lights!

Lynn Ryan

lynn ryan.png

Lynn is a 17-year Burlingame resident and active PTA member for the past 15 years at Lincoln Elementary School, Burlingame Intermediate School and now Burlingame High School. Go Panthers!

Street: Balboa Avenue

Why did you opt up: I’ve been an environmentalist most of my life and now our family is too. We are low impact consumers, recyclers, composters, solar panel and hybrid car owners. Every purchase we make considers the environmental impact. ECO100 is a natural extension of these beliefs.  

Next sustainability commitment: Reduce use of restaurant to-go plastic containers.


Emily Matthews

The 'sign' of a local sustainability and clean energy leader.

The 'sign' of a local sustainability and clean energy leader.

Emily is a 16 year Burlingame resident and current member of the Burlingame Parks and Recreation Commission and the Rotary Club of Burlingame.

Street:  Castillo Avenue

Why did you opt up: We considered solar panels when we remodeled our house, but it didn’t work out.  As soon as we learned about ECO100, we signed up so we could do our part to reduce carbon emissions.

Next sustainability commitment: I’m providing marketing to support the OptUpBurlingame project and plan on helping to expand it to other cities in San Mateo County and beyond.

Jeff Londer

Proud 'clean energy' home owner -- solar panels   and   PCE's ECO100

Proud 'clean energy' home owner -- solar panels and PCE's ECO100

Jeff is a 31 year Burlingame resident and current city Traffic Safety and Parking Commissioner.

Street: Bancroft Road

Why did you opt up: Since we already have solar panels installed, it only makes sense; plus it's the responsible thing to do.

Next sustainability commitment: Install an air recirculating fireplace insert

Jerry Mangini

jerrys house copy.jpg

Jerry is a life long Burlingame resident, avid swimmer and biker, and notably a Prime Time Athletic Club member since 1978.

Street: Burlingame Ave

Why did you opt up:   It is the right way to go ....  simple, cheap and makes me feel that I can make a difference.

Next sustainability commitment: No driving in Burlingame... walk or bike only.


Ricardo Ortiz


Ricardo is a 24 year Burlingame resident and current City Council Member.

Street: Monte Corvino Way

Why did you opt up: We felt this is the least we could do for the environment. For a small amount we insure that our electricity is 100% from renewable sources.  With our exit from the Paris Accord, it is now more important than ever that we act locally.

Next sustainability commitment: I plan to be a champion for ECO 100 in 2018.



Terry Nagel

Terry Nagel_Aug2017.jpg

Terry is a 40 year Burlingame resident, former Burlingame City Council member for 12 years, and three-time Burlingame Mayor.

Why did you opt up: Opting up to ECO100 is the fastest, easiest way to contribute to a 100 percent carbon-free future.

Next sustainability commitment: Working with local sustainable groups to help make California a carbon-free, economically prosperous state.


Doug Silverstein

doug 01.JPG

Doug is a 21 year Burlingame resident, San Francisco native, and member of the Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame.

Street: Cypress Ave

Why did you opt up? So my kids, and their kids have a safe and clean planet with sufficient natural resources and minimal climate issues

Next sustainability commitment: electric vehicle, electric water heater


Mike McCord

Mike is a long time Burlingame homeowner, retired Burlingame High School teacher, and President of the Citizens Environmental Council of Burlingame.

Street - Bloomfield St.

Why did you opt up? - I believe that climate change poses a huge risk to the future. The simplest and cheapest thing I can do to be true to my beliefs is to purchase 100% carbon-free electricity.

What's your next sustainability commitment? -  I hope to buy an electric car, and charge it with my clean electricity.


Mike McCord - Bloomfield Ave, Burlingame

Mike McCord - Bloomfield Ave, Burlingame