Here are five short videos to help you quickly understand climate change challenges & solutions.

There's a lot we can do right here in Burlingame!!!

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#1. The Greenhouse Effect basics... you gotta know this

National Geographic: Climate Change Causes & Effects (3:00) 

Extracting, Transporting & Burning Fossil Fuels: 

  • increases atmospheric CO2 & methane
  • warmth hits earth but can't escape
  • affects oceans, weather, & food sources
    • sea rise, flooding, storms, drought, farming
  • impacts health
    • asthma, heart disease, lung cancer

... plus, it's just not sustainable!

The Good News:

"If we work to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources, like solar and wind, we can prevent the worst effects of climate change"

#2. Global Warming facts & ramifications from Bill Nye 

National Geographic: Climate Change 101 with Bill Nye (4:00) 

Massive earth & ocean changes:

  • +1.4 degrees F earth temp last 100 yrs
  • +0.3 degrees F ocean temp last 30 yrs
  • +30% ocean acidification last 125 yrs
  • +6.7” sea level in 150 yrs
  • -400B tons/yr glacier melt last 20 yrs

... devastating earth & sea life consequences

The Good News:  

Although we’re part of the cause, we can also be part of the solution.... recycle & reuse, walk & use transit, turn off electronics, eat less meat."

#3. Amazing focus & solutions from local experts

Sanford University: 100% Clean Renewable Economy (3:00)

"It’s possible to address all global carbon & air pollution problems with 100% wind water and solar!"

  • Transition every country & state world wide
  • Electrify all sectors of economy
  • Create 22 million new jobs world wide
  • Reduction total energy demand by 39% 

 -- Mark Z. Jacobson Phd, Stanford University

The Good News: 

We're so fortunate, in the Bay Area, to have brilliant minds focused on clean, renewable energy!!

#4. Here's our opportunity - impactful, easy, inexpensive

Peninsula Clean Energy: Renewable with Local Benefit (1 min)

"When I first learned about Peninsula Clean Energy, I thought, what a great idea!  With control of our local energy system we can..."